How to Give Your Mind a Makeover

Attractive Fit Woman Exercising In Studio With Copyspace

You tell yourself the same thing every year.

You insist this time you are really going to get into shape.

You want to tighten your thighs and slim down your waist. You plan on doing some sit-ups to flatten out your stomach.

And you can’t forget your arms! You want to tone those up as well.

You come up with a plan to become totally fit and in shape this year!

But wait!

You forgot one extremely important thing.

What about strengthening your mind and making it just as strong and powerful as your new body?

Appearances Aren’t Always Real

Believe it or not, sometimes the most beautiful women are battling a war within themselves. Appearances are sometimes deceiving.

You could have a body like a Victoria’s Secret model. Curves like Coke bottle. All the men in the world could be chasing after you.

But without the right mindset, you don’t have the complete package.

I’ve had male friends tell me that confidence is what makes a woman sexy. A nice body is not hard to come across, but a self-confident woman definitely is.

When a woman is confident, her beauty displays without effort. She turns heads because people notice her poise.

She is graceful; confident in her own skin.

That was the type of woman I admired. But unfortunately, at one point in my life, I struggled with low self-esteem. I didn’t have a very good perception of myself.

Actually, I didn’t like myself very much at all.

I loved the attention I received from men when I wore something sexy. It made me feel pretty, wanted and liked.

But what I never realized was that it was all an illusion. Those men didn’t care about me, they just liked the way my body looked.

I was just an object to them.

It wasn’t until I started viewing myself differently that I realized I deserved respect. I had to overcome the negative feelings I had towards myself.

I had to wake up and realize that I was beautiful and awesome, even if someone else thought differently of me.

I was born very unique and there is nobody else like me on earth. There is only one me. That alone makes me special.

So if someone isn’t content with me, then they need to step away!

Because I am proud of who I am, and who I have become.

I don’t need validation from anyone else in this world.

Just like me, you are special in your own way. Embrace who you are. Accept that you are unlike anyone else and that’s what makes you so awesome and irreplaceable.

Looks Don’t Really Matter

Nothing happens overnight.

I had to train my mind to believe that I was valuable. I control what people saw when they looked at me, but I could control what I saw when I looked at myself.

It didn’t matter if I worked out 5 times a week and had the perfect body. It didn’t matter if I received a lot of attention from men on the street. What mattered was my opinion of myself.

So every time I thought something negative about myself, I pushed the thought out of my mind and replaced it with something positive.

So every, “I hate the way I look today,” I replaced with, “I am beautiful.” I had to train my thoughts.

It took some time, but with practice I was able to develop assurance within myself.

Eventually, I did see something beautiful when I looked in the mirror. I may not have been perfect, but the positive way I felt on the inside started to show on the outside.

I didn’t see beauty because my hair looked nice, or my clothes were expensive.

I saw beauty because I was unique; special in my own way. I saw beauty because I knew that God created me. He made me this way, and He never makes mistakes.

He also made you, and He knew exactly what he was doing when he designed you. So believe you are beautiful inside and out.

You Can Give Your Mind a Makeover

I developed a positive mindset over time.

It may have taken awhile, but I believe that prayer helped me overcome the lack of confidence I had in myself. I am a firm believer in asking God to change a bad situation. You will see a miracle happen.

In addition to prayer, I began constantly complimenting myself whether I believed it or not.

Instead of filling my mind with negative thoughts, I would tell myself “I deserve better than this”and, “I am beautiful and valuable.”

The more I fed myself the “positive” the less I believed the “negative.” Without someone in my life who truly understood how I felt, I had to build strength and overcome my negative perception of myself.

Once I built enough self-confidence to understand what I was worth, I noticed that I attracted a different type of attention; respectable attention.

The beautiful person on the inside began to show on the outside.

Once you create your beauty within, everyone will begin to notice. Don’t let negative thoughts control the person you become. Positive thinking will produce positive results.

Showing Off Your New “Look”

This year, let’s get into shape.

Let’s shape our minds and transform our thinking.

Let’s teach our daughters and young girls to think this way. Let’s start a new generation of strong, confident women who don’t need someone else to make them feel beautiful or confirm who they are.

When you discover confidence within yourself, there nobody that can steal it from you.

Let’s show the world how beautiful, classy, and unique we truly are!