2017 Printable Planner

“Fighting For Your Life “In 2017 Printable Planner

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As women, we must “Fight” for what we want in life. 

We fight to keep our marriages, kids, jobs, businesses, etc. in order. 

With this planner, you can easily keep track of what’s most important to you. 

This planner will help you regain physical, spiritual, and mental control over your life.

No more wondering how you are going to get your life back on track. With this planner, you will be able to focus on managing your tasks and tracking your daily blessings.

With a clear mindset and an organized life, you are on your way to living the life you have always dreamed of.

**This planner has 60 pages. Scroll to the bottom to see the full list of categories. 

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Fighting for Your Life in 2017 Planner Includes: 

GOD 1st

Prayer Journal

Scripture Study

Daily Blessings 



Giving Back

Conversations & Special Moments to Remember


Daily Schedule – 15 Minute Increments

Appointment Schedule

Things to Do

Places to Go

Project Planner

WRITE Down Your Goals

Daily Gratitude Journal

Inspiration List

Quotes to Remember

Study Journal

FUEL Your Body, Mind & Spirit

4 Week Exercise Journal

Fridge/Freezer Inventory

Pantry Inventory

Grocery List

Weekly Meal Planner


PLAN Your Steps Wisely & Precisely

Business Expenses

Monthly Balance Sheet

Monthly Budget/Expenses

Monthly Cash Flow

ARRANGE Your home and Life

Clean & Organized Home

Decorating the House

Organizing the House

CELEBRATE Special Occasions

Monthly Birthday Calendar

Christmas Card List

Christmas Gift List

Christmas Gift List – Accounting/Budget

Christmas Festivities


Bucket List



2017 Yearly Calendar