3 Surprising Reasons You Should Appreciate Life

Smile Free And Happy Woman

You’re wondering if life will continue on this way.

Every day is the same.  Each day repeats itself.

Occasionally, you’re late for work because you barely got any rest. The pressure from your job stresses you out.

Having to cook, clean and manage the kids is a full-time job in itself.

You feel like your Superwoman. It’s overwhelming.

And the worst part is it seems like nobody notices how hard you work.

Each day just keeps getting harder.

The joy you once had no longer exists. You wonder if things will ever become easier.

You pray a change will come.

Understand the Good Does Outweigh the Bad

 Sometimes life can take a toll on us. Things don’t always work out in our favor.

 Problems can come from every direction and sometimes it seems like there’s no escape.

 I remember that feeling all too well.

 I remember thinking that things were never going to become any better.

 I was a full-time mother, cook, babysitter, wife and so on….

Sometimes I felt like pulling my hair out strand by strand because things never seemed to become any easier.

I remember thinking to myself, “Is this how the rest of my life will be?

I loved my family, and even though times got rough, I knew it was my duty to serve them.

But sometimes it seemed like I could never get a break.

I was tired, exhausted and drained.

But one day it hit me….

I noticed I was always focusing on the things that frustrated me. I didn’t realize my hard work never went in vain.

The time I took to nurture the kids rewarded me.

Not only were they good kids, but intelligent, smart and funny too. The time my husband and I invested in them was the reason we had great results.

My marriage rewarded me as well.

Every effort I put into my husband made our marriage stronger. Since I took on certain responsibilities, I made his job as a father and husband easier. We both assumed our roles in the marriage and it worked for us.

In reality, we were happy together.

One day, my husband surprised me and showed up at my job to give me a ride home. He knew how much I hated taking the train home every day.

When I got into the car I saw flowers waiting for me in the passenger seat. He told me he just wanted to show how much he loved me and how much he appreciated all the things I do for our family.

That was priceless! Moments like those made everything I did worth it.

All that time I was thinking my efforts didn’t matter. And when I needed it the most, his appreciation made me feel so much better.

It made me realize that even though sometimes I felt like life was kicking my butt, my family really needed me. I never noticed how much they relied upon my love.

The seeds of love and devotion that I planted into their lives had grown the entire time. I just never paid attention long enough to notice.

Things may become difficult sometimes, but the struggle was worth the reward.

As women, sometimes we underestimate our value. We’re the glue that holds our family together.

If we take our focus off the obstacles, and focus our attention on the rewards, we will be able to overcome anything that life throws our way.

Sometimes having less means more

My trip to Costa Rica a few years back was an eye-opening experience.

As I traveled outside of the resort and throughout the country, I got a taste of how the locals lived.

Many of them lived in shacks. They were extremely poor.

I saw kids running around outside barefoot in the dirt. Their clothes were dirty.

I felt really sorry for them.

I couldn’t imagine living that poor. I couldn’t see myself not having what I considered the “basics” in life.

You know, a car, job, electricity…..

The things I took for granted sometimes.

These people had to hunt for their food.

When I looked into their houses, I barely saw anything inside. No TV’s or anything.

And I thought to myself, “Do people really still live like this?”

My reality check came when I spoke to some of the workers on the resort who lived locally.

Each person I spoke to loved Costa Rica! They seemed very happy living simple lives.

The things that most of us consider important didn’t matter to them at all.

They were content with what they had, even if they didn’t have much at all.

The televisions, iPads, cell phones, and other things that we’re accustomed to, didn’t seem to exist in that part of the country.

If someone from Costa Rica came to America and saw how most of us lived, they would consider us all rich.

And you know what? In comparison to them, we are.

This made me wonder if living in America, with all its technology and stuff, distracted me from what’s really important in life: God, my family, and my friends.

So the next time I begin to sweat the small stuff, I’ll focus my attention on the blessings in my life.

Sometimes we place value on  things that really don’t mean much. Taking the time  to remember how fortunate we are will make us more appreciative of what we already have.

Someone Else Has It Way Worse

Sometimes we become so involved in our own lives that we never consider what someone else is going through.

Sometimes we’re blind and can’t see beyond our own circumstances.

I remember a going on a lunch date with a group of friends. I knew most of the women there, but there was one girl that I had just met that day.

There I was, carrying on about how my job was getting on my nerves; how I wish they would pay me more.

Then I began to complain about the menu and how I wish we went somewhere else to eat…..

Later on, someone told me that the girl I’d met that day had recently lost her job.  One of the other women dining with us was paying for her lunch that afternoon.

This girl was single with 3 kids. She barely knew how she was going to keep her lights on.

And here I am complaining about the menu at a restaurant that I had more than enough money to pay for.

I was so consumed with my own problems that it never crossed my mind how anyone else was feeling.

I felt really small….

She must have thought I was selfish.

And you know what? She had every right to feel that way.

In reality, my job wasn’t that bad. I even make a fairly decent salary.

I had money in the bank, and my kids knew exactly where their next meals were coming from.

So what was I complaining about?

Who’s to say I couldn’t lose my job one day and end up in a situation like hers?

I made every effort from that second on to let the little things go.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that there’s always someone out there who would love to be in our shoes.

Know that life is too short to worry about things that really don’t matter.

Gratitude is a Blessing

We only have one life here on earth, and sometimes we tend to forget how precious that life truly is.

Imagine waking up every morning with a grateful spirit. Thanking God for everything you have and every blessing that is about to come your way.

You refuse to take anything for granted. You begin to take notice of the things that are around you all the time.

You enjoy the fresh air on a cool day. You appreciate the warm sun that kisses your face every morning. You notice the lovely clouds in the sky; they never seemed so beautiful before.

You refuse to let the small things ruin your day.

You have a home, a means of income and food on your table.

You have your family, friends and people around you who love you.

You’re blessed!

Take the time out to appreciate what you do have instead of focusing on what you don’t.

Gratitude and appreciation will open the door for many more blessings to come.