Happy (…Or Not So Happy) Valentine’s Day

If ever you lose love ...don't go out looking for it. Reach inside you and recreate what you think you lost. YOU are LOVE. You can't lose YOU!   - Unknown Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day for love. A day when flowers and candy are bought to show affection. A day when everyone shows off their relationship to the world. But unfortunately, Valentine’s Day isn't a happy day for everyone. Some people are sad, broken and downright hurt. No one ever discusses the bad r...

How Putting Others First Has Blessed Me

How Putting Others First Has Blessed Me. Portrait of two cheerful multiethnic women lying outdoors and laughing
You know the sayings… “True happiness starts when you put yourself first….” “If you don’t put yourself first, nobody else will…” We’ve become accustomed to making sure our needs and wants are always met. Happiness is a priority. We will do almost anything to make sure we live a comfortable life. But who wouldn’t, right? But what happens when someone else’s problems are bigger than our own? Shifting Your Focus There are people in this world facing many problems. ...

7 Ways to Gain Strength to Leave an Abusive Relationship

7 Ways to Gain Strength to Leave an Abusive Relationship, Dramatic image of a sad teenage girl crying,
Unfortunately, he did it again. You remember lying there on the floor, hurt and in pain. It plays over and over in your head. The tears roll down your face. You can’t stand the thought of it. The name calling… His hands around your neck…. His fist against your face…. You have a broken spirit. You wonder how he could do this to you. You wear sunglasses at night and long sleeves during the day. You don’t want anyone to see the marks and find out what’s going on. Th...

3 Surprising Reasons You Should Appreciate Life

3 Surprising Reasons Your Life Isn’t So Bad
You’re wondering if life will continue on this way. Every day is the same.  Each day repeats itself. Occasionally, you’re late for work because you barely got any rest. The pressure from your job stresses you out. Having to cook, clean and manage the kids is a full-time job in itself. You feel like your Superwoman. It's overwhelming. And the worst part is it seems like nobody notices how hard you work. Each day just keeps getting harder. The joy you once had no longer exists. Yo...

How to Give Your Mind a Makeover

sunny beautiful mulatto woman with closed eyes on sky background. How to Give Your Mind a Makeover
You tell yourself the same thing every year. You insist this time you are really going to get into shape. You want to tighten your thighs and slim down your waist. You plan on doing some sit-ups to flatten out your stomach. And you can’t forget your arms! You want to tone those up as well. You come up with a plan to become totally fit and in shape this year! But wait! You forgot one extremely important thing. What about strengthening your mind and making it just ...